A Penistone Grammar School Archive
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When the last stones were being removed from Fulford in April 2014, the stonemasons discovered a glass bottle - a time capsule which appears to have been placed there when the building was being erected in 1910/11.

The school held a special event on Sat 24th May 2014 so ex-students and members of the public could see the opening of the bottle along with an exhibition of documents and photos from the school archive.

You can download a PDF which includes photos of the objects it contained, an article form the Barnsley Chronicle and photos of the opening event held at PGS in 2014. The full size version is quite large (35MB) but there's a smaller version (3MB ) for people who might be using phones etc.

Time Capsule PDF - High quality (36MB)

Time Acpsule PDF - Low quality (3.5MB)

There's also a 360° view of the bottle here. (The Barnsley Chronicle printed the wrong address!)

The Penistone Grammar School Time Capsule


The End of an Era

At the start of the summer term in 2011, Penistone Grammar School relocated to new £35m, state of the art premises.

The old buildings were to be sold off or demolished and as of writing (April 2012), the only remaining buildings are Fulford, Weirfield and
The Stables (C Block), their futures uncertain despite a local campaign.

With all the changes taking place in Penistone itself over recent years it seemed appropriate to make a visual record of the old school before it was lost forever.

The result is this virtual tour of the entire campus shot (mostly) over the last month of the spring term 2011 - essentially the last days the buildings were used as a school.

With the addition of hotspots linking to old photos, documents and anecdotes, this will eventually become a broad and hopefully entertaining history of PGS and will help serve as a reminder of the school's past, its continuing development and Penistone's heritage.

In keeping with the aim of making this a "living history", Facebook and Twitter accounts have been created so that the people of Penistone can add their own memories. Other social networking such as Flickr and Tumblr will be included as the site develops.

So take the tour, relive some memories and above all, have fun.


Smile affectionately!

Reminisce affectionately as memories flood back when
where you had your favourite lesson(s)!

Be where you shouldn't be


Staff rooms! Cellars! Store rooms! Girls' toilets!
Boys’ toilets! Showers!
All the places you
were never allowed
to see... you
can now see!

Recoil in horror!


Feel apprehension turn to blind panic as memories
flood back when you see rooms where you
had your least

Keep taking the tablets!


A special iPad version is also available for people who like to prod and
poke things
instead of

Join in and be part of a living history!

How did Penistone Grammar School affect you? Did it help you reach for the stars? Or did the experience leave you a bit mental?

Everyone’s recollections are different but they're all important in helping to build the bigger picture - so please share your anecdotes and photos on the PGS Archive Facebook wall.

For people of a shorter concentration span or little time, you can also Tweet stuff.

Not everyone's connected to the interweb - can you help?

If you know someone who doesn't have internet access but think they have something interesting to tell or share thenOld Technology!! please get in touch so we can arrange more old-fashioned
ways of communicating.
There might be a few grandparents out there
that have a few surprises - after all, they
were once young and mischievous as
well. Possibly.

Heather Armitage

In the summer we paid tribute to PGS's own sporting heroine, an Olympic medallist, no less. You can read about Heather Armitage here.

More to come!

Every room (including some cupboards...) in every building was shot for the virtual tour - over 850 different scenes made up from more than 27,000 individual photographs.

New scenes will be added weekly and generous access to Penistone and Barnsley Libraries' archives and PGS's own collection means that older material will also be included as time permits.


This project is supported by the East Peak Innovation Partnership LEADER Programme using funding made available through the Rural Development Programme for England, which is jointly funded by Defra and the European Union.

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