A Penistone Grammar School Archive
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All virtual tour photography copyright ©2010 - 2012 Stuart Gibbins.

Most old photographs are scanned from Penistone Grammar School's own collection or the Barnsley and Penistone Libraries' archives and are used with kind permission; these are gernerally credited.

Another useful resource has been Neville Robuck's collection of newspaper clippings and ephemera which form part of the Pensitone & District Archive which is housed in the Millenium Room at Penistone Paramount.

All other photos are credited wherever possible. In cases where this has been overlooked, please email with details and changes will be made at the time of the next site update.

The article which appears on the history page was written by David Hey for "Six Hundred Glorious Years", a commemorative book published to celebrate 600 years of Pensitone Grammar School in 1992.

The clip art is from various royalty-free sources.

Funding for the initial stages of this project was provided by The East Peak Innovation Partnership (EPIP). Without their help this archive would probably never have been started and would certainly never have been made available to the public for several years, if at all. Thanks must be given to Tracey Charlesworth and Stephen Gould of EPIP for their encouragement and help in getting this off the ground.

During the shooting of the tour itself, I received help from several members of staff at PGS: caretakers were particularly helpful and tolerant of my eccentric requests to get into rooms that were surely of no interest to anyone; cleaning staff for their patience and working round me; kitchen staff for allowing me to photograph their workspace whilst they prepared the day's meals (despite the fact that they made me wear an "amusing" hairnet for the duration).

The contribution of Kevin Neil to this project can't be underestimated. His unflagging enthusiasm ensured I was able to get access to rooms I wouldn't normally have expected to shoot whilst also making areas available to me outside of normal school hours. Without this help it's fair to say that barely half of the school would have featured in the virtual tour.