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Help with the Flash/desktop pc version

The desktop version of the virtual tour works on both PCs and Apple Macs and requires the latest version of Flash Player, available to download for free at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

If, after downloading and installing the Flash Player, you can't see the tour, you may have javascript disabled: please enable it to allow the tour to work.


Some versions of Internet Explorer may display a yellow bar at the top of the page asking if you want to run Active X (or similar). Click yes or allow.

If you are running a new version of Internet Explorer (9 and above) you may find that the tour does not display. If this is the case, please look at this page on the Microsoft website: this is not a problem with the tour but may be realted to the browser and operating system and can be easily fixed.

Help with the HTML5/iPad version

The iPad version of the tour is suitable for display on iPads and browsers which can display HTML5. This is new technology and is, unfortuantely, limited in its scope compared with Flash. Currently, only iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, later builds of the desktop versions of Safari and Google chrome can display this.

If you have any problems with this version on the iPad, please get in touch, describing the problem so that I can look into it.

Help for aAndroid and other devices

Android-based devices can display Flash content but in the instance of virtual tours it tends to be erratic. Adobe will not be developing Flash Player beyond the current build and so it's unlikely that Android phones and tablets will display any version of the tour effectively until the browsers are updated to display HTML5.

Warning for mobile and tablet users

ItWarning!'s not adviseable to view the virtual tour using your mobile phone 3G connection - please wait until you have access to broadband wi-fi. The virtual tour requires a lot of digital information and you may find that (depending on your phone contract) you've used a significant amount of your month's data allocation. Furthermore, a virtual tour will load slowly on a mobile and can be frustrating. You have been warned...