A Penistone Grammar School Archive
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Site updates and additions

Updates to the site, general additions and new archival scans will be listed here. Updates are currently planned for once a month.

Wednesday 6th February 2013

Various bugs in HTML5 / iPad version sorted.

Tuesday 5th February 2013

I know, another big gap between updates.

This is because the tour has undergone a major update - months of work, scanning and debugging.
The exterior of the main school is now more or less complete - nearly 130 scenes. A few more will be added eventually (and some will certainly be taken out to speed up downloads) but this is more or less all that's available; the focus will now be on the buildings,
Nearly 250 images have been added to the exterior tour; all the demolitions ones are by Kevin Neill - thanks. More will be added as they become available.

The whole of Fulford has been completed (56 scenes) with the exception of a couple of rooms and toilets. No hotspots or photos yet but they'll be next.

I've recently been loaned copies of a history of PGS written by Wilfrid Simms. Unfortunately they're all copies of typed sheets and are going to take some to scan. It's probably the most comprehensive history of the school available and soon as it's done I'll make it available as a PDF. (If someone wants to volunteer to scan them, just call...)

The exterior tour serves as a model of how the rest of the site will develop. As more images come through and more information is gathered it will be added to the various buildings. If anyone's got any informal photos, please send them across. We've got plenty of form pictures but very few which show day-to-day life at the school. In fact, the further back we go in time, the more photos there are (which isn't many).

A forum will be added soon but in the meantime, if you've got time, I'd be grateful of any comments, photos, stories, criticisms over at Facebook.


Janueary 5th and 6th

The tour is being redeveloped. All the photos that are currently available as hotpsots can be seen at two new Flickr galleries:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/91826274@N08/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/91923139@N07/
They'll save you clicking through the whole tour when it's ready just to see them...

24th August 2012

Penistone Grammar School - Then and Now

3 new scenes added. These are comparisons between the new site and the old. All are 360° views and you can compare the two views by adjusting the slider. These are tests and will be integrated into the main site later, hence the lack of links back to the rest of the site.
Click the title below to view the scenes. They'll open in a new window which you can close to return here.

More to follow. Eventually.

A PDF of the Penistone Art Connection catalogue which accommpanied the 1992 exhibitionat the Cooper Gallery has been uploaded. You can get it here. (Right-click to save to your computer). Unfortunately it was a well-used copy so the scans aren't as good as they might have been and retouching the 30+ pages is impractical at this stage. If there's enough interest I might construct a replica which will be easier to read.

23rd August 2012 - an explanation and apology

Sorry, there's been a big gap between updates, but there is a reason...
The entire virtual tour is being redesigned so that Flash, HTML5 or android is automatically detected.
What does this mean in English? Simply put, you won't have to choose which version of the tour is suitable for your device. It also means the site will be as "future proof" as possible and updates in browsers and mobile devices will be catered for.

7th August 2012

Edited Heather Armitage page. So some sentences are nearer to English than my previous attempts...

Two histories of PGS are available to download:

The PGS section from John N Dransfield book, A History of the Parish of Penistone (1906) and a few pages from A Further History of Penistone. Both these books are available to view in Penistone library.

6th August 2012

New page dedicated to Heather Armitage, Olympic medallist who attended PGS in the early 50s.

5th August 2012

Added corridor outside Art Dept.

4th August 2012

Getting there...
Added staircase leading to F102 & F103 (2 scenes - half landing and top of stairs)
Added corridor outside F102 & F103 (first floor).
Classrooms to follow soon.

3rd August 2012

Added staircase leading to the art room (2 scenes - half landing & top of stairs).
Added Fulford wood store.
Added more links leading from Fulford car park to the interior (and back again!).

1st August 2012

Added a further 3 scenes of Netherfields boilerhouse - building complete.
Added hotspots to boilerhouse floorplan.
Added hotspots to aerial view - now includes more of Netherfields (you may have to refresh your browser or enter the URL,
http://pgs-archive.co.uk/tour_flash.html , into the address bar again and click to see the hotspot changes).

31st July 2012

Added 3 scenes of Netherfields boilerhouse interior (including very old boiler...).

30th July 2012

Uploaded 23 new scenes to the Flash tour. All are exteriors and now you can "walk" down to Netherfields from the main school. Most of the exterior of Netherfields is now visible.
Scenes added: Saunderson Roof; corner of Saunderson/Environmental Studies; path leading from Environmental Studies to Netherfields (3 points on the route); K Block exterior (3 - side Entrance nr Saunderson and foot of steps, corner near the greenhouse plot); 17 of Netherfields.

11th July 2012

Facebook: uploaded the original "equirectangular" images used to create the scenes which make up the virtual tour.

28th May 2012

Weirfield - W101 added.
C Block - C103 added.
Fulford - F12 & F110 added.

13th May 2012

PGS-archive.co.uk website launched.

12th February - 19th April 2011

All photography for the virtual tour was shot over this period. However, in November 2010, some test scenes were made for presentation to PGS and EPIP as part of the proposal for the project.

To-do list and suggestions

If you have any ideas for improving the site, please feel free to get in touch.
1) A forum will be included at some stage so people can add their own comments etc directly on the site rather than having to go over to the Facebook page.
2) At the moment floorplans can be only accessed from within the relevant buildings which means that viewing specific rooms in other buildings can be slow. This will be improved within the next couple of updates.
3) A gallery section will be added. Old photo scans etc can currently be seen in the PGS Archive Facebook galleries, www.facebook.com/pgs.archive/photos